He challenges a lion with a roll of toilet paper.

That was the bravest lion I’ve ever seen. He was almost attacked by that human. It’s amazing how he’s able to read the lion’s behavior. This proves that confidence and mental strength are the best attack and defence. “An exploratory jab with the paw could remove Mike’s face” is the single best line I’ve heard on a YouTube video.

4:32 I love how this man retracks back and keeps taunting the lion by casually lying on the side in front of the lion, legs crossed like he was at a picnic with his wife. This guy has the biggest balls among men. I’m speechless. I’d die of a heart attack the moment that Lion started approaching me.

This is very, very brave, no matter what ploy this guy was using. Even though I want to believe there were no guns aimed at the lion, this guy does seem to have some sort of substance or bag that he waved from his right hand a few times. I have to speculate that he had some sort of repellent in that bag because the lion recoils several times when it comes into proximity to it. It would make sense that it is some urine or other strong organic substance from some other dominant predator that the lion knows and fears…like a hippo or an elephant.