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Birds | January 3, 2022 12:06 AM | hangbony

Eagle Catches & Fights Baby Warthog

You should always stop for the little things while in the bush, because you never know where a sighting might lead! For this group, stopping for a family of warthogs lead to them watching a live kill!

WOW. You get some pretty good sightings here and this one has gold written all over it.What were the chances of catching that on camera..the martial eagle at its primal best.Those talons at the end were insane..Exceptional footage.

Right place, right time. I remember once this little brown desert hawk scared the holy heck out of me. I never seen him nor heard a thing until he was coming in for the kill, and smashed into the gofer that was about 30ft away from me peeking out of his burrow. Until I was sure that I hadn’t crapped my pants that was the awesomest prey kill I ever was honored to be witness too.

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