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Animals | January 3, 2022 12:29 AM | hangbony

King Cobra Vs Mongoose – Cobra is Punished When Deliberately Spraying Venom Into Mongooses

A cobra’s venom can kill an elephant but can’t kill a mangoose or even hard to protect itself from mangoose. Size is irrelevant.
I’ll never get over the fact that these harmless looking small creatures can easily kill such dangerous animals that are my worst nightmare.

I love how the mongoose behaves. When the snakes try to slither away, they’re all like, “Oh no ya don’t, get yo punk ass back here.”
The same way mongooses tackle the cobra is the same way some of us are tackling life circumstances.

They must really love the taste of cobra because there are much easier meals for the skillful mongoose to eat that are a lot easier to catch and less harmful. Or maybe they just enjoy the thrill of the hunt.
I love the title. Like the mongoose would go “no worries, we are cool” if the venom spit was accidental.

King Cobra Vs Mongoose

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