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Animals | January 11, 2022 2:22 AM | hangbony

7 Incredible Moments Of Animals Escaping Crocodile’s Attack.

Seeing animals with this type of will to live makes me embarrassed over people I know that can’t seem to get out of bed before Noon most mornings.

What the croc don’t get, the land predators will, by the looks of some of them after that, maybe the croc would be a quicker option.

This is not hero of the wild these are gentle sweet little babies they’re trying to cross with your moms to the other side how are you like to feel like that with your children or do you like to take a horrible footage of babies as they were brought into the world this is a baby a life that’s gonna be go on with the devil how would you like your children face that thing going to the devil for all time take about it warrants was your cameras for all time and look at God come out from the other side of I’ll try to come on your face the mirror for all time.

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