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Animals | January 11, 2022 8:20 AM | hangbony

See clearly !! A giant snake on the camera of the people in the river.

snakes are reptiles that can be found in all parts of the world, only a few areas on earth that we do not find snakes there. There are various sizes of snakes, some are very large, this time we will discuss snakes with very large sizes recorded by the camera, the largest snake in the world looks very clear when found.

I’m very, very outgoing when it comes to discussing monsters, rivers, seas, lakes and the like. My mother is a native Dayak Bahau from Mamahak Besar, East Kalimantan. once was very lucky to see the appearance of a giant snake in the Mahakam river near his village when he was young.

Incidentally, it was scorching hot at that time.. and the village was created by the appearance of 2 giant snakes that appeared in the middle of the river face to face with other people such as mating or fighting. and it was witnessed by all the villagers from the edge of the river and the people who were in ketinting in the middle of the river suddenly turned around because the 2 dragons were appearing.

Its shape is unique, like it has a crown on its head and a tentacle/mustache like a catfish on the muzzle. My mother even heard the sound of the snakes closing their mouths while wrestling. just like that.

The incident was recorded by a Japanese citizen, an employee of a timber company near the local area. The incident took place in the 70s. The appearance of the snakes ranged from 20-30 minutes and ended with their disappearance slowly into the river. Wow, the story really made me jealous of my mother at that time.

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