Bobo the gorilla and a tiny bush baby have become friends.

A nonprofit organization called Ape Action Africa is devoted to the preservation of gorillas, chimpanzees, and other endangered primates in Africa. It is one of the biggest initiatives for primate conservation in Africa. The majority of the animals are orphans that were imported as a result of shady bushmeat and pet trades. The 300 residents there undergo routine examinations by the caregivers, and the outcomes are typically standard.

On the other hand, these creatures occasionally manage to surprise the caregivers. A caretaker saw Bobo, a Western Lowland gorilla, with a new friend one lovely day. The gorilla was holding a tiny, untamed jungle infant in its arms. The gorilla didn’t seem to frighten the bushbaby, who was free to explore his body.

The little animal even spent some time bouncing in the open before returning to the gorilla. Despite the fact that Bobo was the dominant male in his group and Bebo was known for being empathetic, the caregiver was not shocked by this incident. He was a gorilla who had successfully defended his territory from rival gorillas. But it was recognized that he also had a compassionate side.