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Birds | January 20, 2022 12:05 AM | hangbony

Big Eagle With Monkey Group Has Inju.ring | Rescued Eagle From Monkey Group

Shows how STRONG Eagles are. Even when INJURE.D, a whole group of Monkeys DON’T dare try a real atta.ck & bird shows who’s the predator and who’s prey.

It doesn’t look like the monkeys wanted to atta.ck the eagle, it look like they were wo.rried about the eagle not being able to fly. Sometimes the monkeys would stare at the eagle inju.red wing.

Should save the eagle much earlier to prevent him from more severe inj.ury. He use his injure.d wing trying to fight the monkeys. Anyway would like to know what is his faith then. Is the eagle back to the air? I hope yes it is.

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