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Animals | January 16, 2022 12:36 AM | hangbony

Zebra fights crocodile till his gut is punctured but refuses to give up.

Rivers are always a so.urce of worry for wildlife because crocodiles and herbivores must frequently swim over them and have slept there on numerous occasions.

The crocodile’s favorite pr.ey is zebras. However, the bravest zebra fou.ght the crocodile for his li.fe, leaving a memorable scene.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and contains a hint of hor.ror. A crocodile atta.cks a zebra as it crosses a river. The zebra continued to advance and b.attle using its senses. Kick back a forceful onslaught with two feet.

Even when the zebra was near to the shore, the crocodile refused to r.elease go and b.it the zebra’s be.lly. The zebra collects his strength and leaps ashore, avoiding the crocodile. Its sto.mach, however, was exp.osed, p.reventing it from moving.

It didn’t notice in time, and it appeared that the crocodile was still tai.ling it, taking h.ard k.icks and chomping on its own stomach. After that, the zebra pe.rished and b.ecame food for the hun.gry crocodiles.

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