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Animals | January 16, 2022 12:53 AM | hangbony

Wild Python St.rangles Monkey As Troop Tries To Help.

This is the pai.nful moment when a wild python strangles one of the monkeys in their troop. Last Thursday (24/10) afternoon, the reptile pounced on the primate on a mountain route in Prachuab Khiri Khan, Thailand.

The snake was encircled by a swarm of monkeys, but if they got too close, the python reared up and bared its le.thal fa.ngs. Regrettably, all they could do was watch as their friend was cr.ushed to de.ath. A local elderly man attempted to interfere by b.eating the snake with a stick, but was unsuccessful.

Supattra Pranimit, a passer-by, was on her way to the location for a day trip when she observed the enormous number of monkeys. One of the animals was strangled by the large python, which was estimated to be roughly 10 feet long, shocking the tourists.

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