Lion Mist.akes When Challenged Python – Gorilla Save Deer From Anaconda Hun.ting, Buffalo vs Wild Dogs

These animals must have their own territory/place in the reserve so that they will not be running and or ea.ting one another every now and then. It’s so c.ruel to see other newly born animals being ea.ten by these lions/tigers.

Both sides pray to live and survive. The wildebeest prays not to be ea.ten and live another day, while the hyenas pray to ea.t and live another day. Both strive for survival. Whichever side you fall on doesn’t really matter. As cr.uel as it may seem, when it’s your time to go punch out and go.

Lion trying to wash off po.ison from it’s eyes that definitely will sting like rubbings habanero juice in the eyes or being peppered spray.