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Animals | February 4, 2022 9:28 AM | hangbony

Black Cobra vs Monitor Lizard

What’s the use of all that potent venom if it’s afraid to use it to save itself from d.eath? Cobra was more c.oncer.ned about the cameraman; poor cobra was more interested in you lurking around and photography!

The sound is h.orrible, and it can be used as a w.arning that the snake is about to p.eck, which is d.angerous for males. Everyone’s life is insignificant, whether it’s a human or a live animal, hence the snake had to be saved first. Shem Onu is the reason why animals are thought to be better on land than people.

Han.di.cap fight, Monitor lizard and camera man versus the cobra snake. You can all see that the snake was confused on who to strike whether the man or lizard. the snake was even more focused on the man. Bad filming should have zoomed in from afar.

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