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Animals | February 5, 2022 2:36 AM | hangbony

When a huge python snake was found in the farmer’s field, such a rescue would never have been seen.

A python snake rescue in a farmer’s field in India made headlines recently. The python, estimated to be around 20-feet long, was discovered by the farmer in his field. As it was an unexpected sight, he immediately called the forest authorities for help. The rescue mission was carried out by forest officers and local volunteers. It took them more than two hours to finally capture the snake. The team had to use nets, ropes, and other materials to corral the giant python. The rescue mission was highly successful and the snake was safely taken away from the farmer’s field.

The python was later identified as a Reticulated python, a species that is native to India and is known to grow up to 20-feet long. It was believed to have come from a nearby forest where it had taken shelter during the monsoon season. The rescue mission was a rare one and it was made possible due to the combined efforts of the forest officials, local volunteers, and the farmer. It is a testament to the fact that such rescues are possible with the help of the right team. It also shows that wildlife can be saved if proper measures are taken.

The rescued python was later released back into its natural habitat by the forest officials. This rescue mission serves as an inspiration to all that wildlife can be saved with proper efforts. It is also a reminder to us that we should be mindful of our actions and take steps to protect wildlife.

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