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Animals | February 5, 2022 2:58 AM | hangbony

Horror Battle With Giant ANACONDA Monster 7m Long Weight 200kg

Why are they s.abota.ging their own lives? This is incredibly d.anger.ous, yet they appear to be u.nconc.erned. Even if the snake was not v.enom.ous, a single b.ite would have r.ipp.ed their f.lesh away.

It’s great that you got the python because it’s no longer valuable in the environment because it’ll c.ons.ume all the wildlife in the region, including people.


This snake is a gorgeous animal, and the dog is i.nsa.ne enough to take a couple bites. I’m curious as to what the brave did to her and why she took such a r.isk.

I adore that dog, but this phyton is clearly of the man-e.ating variety. It’s only a matter of time before a person becomes a f.ulfil.ling meal for it, and its territory expands to include residential areas.


Is the dog all right? You should have kept it out of the snake’s reach. That snake’s b.ite may have resulted in s.ignific.ant harm or perhaps d.eath. Animals in the wild are unpredictable. You people, on the other hand, performed a fantastic job. That was a lot of labor.

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