A strange bird that can never be forgotten is often described as a cross between a small crow and a colored sock. Bright!

A distinctive bird with an incandescent head that has been characterized as like a hybrid between a little crow and a brightly colored tube sock!

The bristled shrike, bald-headed crow, and bald-headed wood-shrike are all names for the Bornean bristlehead (Pityriasis gymnocephala). The genus Pityriasis is the only member of the passerine Pityriasidae family.

This bird is a medium-sized black or dark grey bird with red thighs, a redhead, throat, and neck, grey ear-coverts, and a featherless yellow crown (25 cm (9.8 in) in length. A white wing patch is visible only when the bird is flying. It has a chunky appearance due to its massive black hooked bill and short tail. The name ‘bristlehead’ comes from the small (3–4 mm) yellow or straw-colored skin projections that look like bare feather shafts on the crown.

Females have red patches on their flanks and are similar to males in appearance.