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Animals | February 8, 2022 3:01 PM | hangbony

Tiger Cannot A.ttack Monkey On Trees , Tigers Were Helpless At The Wisdom Of Monkey , Tiger A.ttack

Monkey the only animal which lives both in tree and land .The fingers are very helpful for the money to climb the tree and fetch the branches with grip and firmly . More over the position of eyes frontal like humans but the position of eyes of other animals are sidel like birds eye view .

You were nearby witnessing the i.ncid.ent, you should not let the weak be p.ersec.uted by the strong. Because he is a living creature like humans who need and need pleasure. What if we are treated like that.

I seriously like how tiger moves it’s body when running, that’s magic. I love animals so much.
Awesome. Thank you for uploading and sharing this video. Please upload and share more wild life videos like this !

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