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Animals | February 8, 2022 3:21 PM | hangbony

Hyenas D.ie T.ragic when They are To D.espise Lion, The Lion Is Too D.angerous, Lion Hyena Leopard

After watching thousands of hours of Animals documentaries i concluded, this is the greatest scene to ever be recorded.

1:17 – Now THAT’S back up. Her pride literally s.av.ed her. She was a goner with hyena b.ites. BUT pause at 1:23 – There’s 4, yes FOUR lionesses on 1, yes ONE hyena. They k.illed it. I’ve seen the actual video. So the ‘let’s atta.ck a lone lioness’ kind of b.ackfired!

I have loved cats all through my life. Dogs, not so much. Lions are felines and Hyenas are canines and I used to always side with Lions over Hyenas. But watching hyenas d.ie in the jaws of lions does move me to t.ears and I am glad that I have evolved to have some emotion for these hyenas…because all life m.atters and D.eath is t.ragic for any animal on the face of the Earth. Yes, Hyena Lives M.atter.

Excellent footage of the constant w.arfa.re between two predators! B.it cats are able to s.urv.ive the most a.trocious b.attle w.ou.nds and still be successful h.unters afterwards.

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