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Birds | February 9, 2022 7:59 AM | hangbony

Residents who could not be overlooked wore stunning red wine suits and black ivory covered by Turkish banknotes – Meet the black and red promotion!

Wearing midnight black with long white slashes on each wing, wine-red underparts, and a black chinstrap, they are an obvious occupant of their habitat.

The Eurylaimidae family includes the black-and-red broadbill (Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos). The black-and-red broadbill is a big broadbill with unusual plumage that makes it difficult to confuse with any other species in its habitat.

The average adult is 21–24 cm (8.3–9.4 in) long, with wing lengths of 9.7–10.8 cm (3.8–4.3 in) and a weight of 51–65 g (1.8–2.3 oz). Adults have blackheads and breastbands, greenish-black upperparts, a maroon half-collar, and bright maroon rumps and uppertail coverts, as well as a maroon half-collar and brilliant maroon rumps and uppertail coverts.

On the closed wing, the scapulars have pure white edges that form a white line. A thin orange line runs down the wing’s curve. Black with varying amounts of white on the tail. With a brilliant turquoise-blue maxilla and a yellow-orange mandible with a blue tip and borders, the bill is dichromatic. The irises are an emerald green color.

Juveniles have sooty brown upperparts, maroon spots on the rump and uppertail coverts, brown underparts, and brown wings.

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