When black first appears, it is not until the fire touches his blows that you see a pleasant combination. Surprise of green and purple – meet the amazing sunshine!

At first, the plumage appears all black, but once the light touches it, green and maroon iridescent patches appear!

The amethyst sunbird, commonly known as the black sunbird (Chalcomitra amethystina), is a Nectariniidae family passerine bird. The male and female of a sexual dichromatic animal have different colored plumage. The male is around 14 cm long, with a metallic green forecrown and black plumage.

He also has iridescent crimson to purple throat and shoulder patches, which add to his radiance.

The female has dark brown plumage with a pale yellow breast and belly striped with brown.

This bird is found largely south of the equator in the Afrotropics.

The Amethyst sunbird likes coastal evergreen woods and mature valley bushveld, but it will occasionally venture into dry open woodland.

These birds will go to great lengths to visit nectar-producing plants like Aloe. If given the opportunity, they will also eat insects and spiders.