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Animals | February 15, 2022 8:54 AM | hangbony

S.cary Hyenas R.evenge! Lion Was T.orn To P.ieces By A.ngry Hyenas In The Night.

hyenas are powerful pack h.unters, but when it comes to lions one-on-one, the lion wins. what about your think?

Option 1 Sick and weakened leopard. Option 2 Some affinity between the animals. Under normal conditions an adult leopard will k.i.l.l any dog effortlessly.

And were the male lions at the beginning a.ng.ry too? I thought the first one was running away from the t.errible music until it ran into a hyena!

When a male lion gets his balls b.iten of by hyenas and climbs a tree like a leopard, he knows its a b.a.d day.

They all h.a.te each other. A hippo or hippos getting way off its bearing. This became a t.ad b.i.t v.oyeuristic e.specially the hyena s.uffocating in a lion stranglehold close up. We all get the idea but let’s not have a animal snuff movie.

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