Snow Leopard Hunting.

I knew they were incredible climbers, but running at full speed on a nearly vertical cliff… wow. This is incredible. Ten years ago, we didn’t have footage like this. This is a privilege and a blessing. The way cats move is just a masterpiece. They are just so smooth. That chase down was a piece of art.

The snow leopard has to be one of the most beautiful of the big cats! It’s amazing how both the leopard and the goat can be so fast running down those almost vertical cliffs!
Everything is perfect in this video. The animals, landscape, footage, music, narration. Congratz Bbc. I love animals. But the snow leopard is, for me, the most beautiful animal of all.
While humans use harnesses to climb the mountains, these snow leopards just walk, run, jump, and hunt as if their paws were magnets attached to the rocks of the mountain. This is just so amazing!!!

I love how all these animals live in different habitats. I can live in the savannah like a lion. I can live in the jungle like a tiger. But these cliffs, or whatever these snow leopards live on, are marvelous! It’s just an amazing sight to see them maneuver through the rocks.

I absolutely adore felines; they’re so graceful and beautiful yet immense and menacing. Leopards are right up there on my list of felines, and I absolutely adore the way they look and carry themselves. Beautiful creatures.Snow leopards have been my favorite creatures since I was a little child.