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Animals | February 21, 2022 2:11 AM | hangbony

Three Cheetahs Vs Ostrich

Cheetahs would make amazing pack h.unters. Their speed would allow them to corner any animal from all angles and bring it down in numbers. A pride of Cheetahs would be truly something spectacular.

Even as a pack, a lone lioness or hyena c.ould easily s.c.a.r.e them off. They’d probably not even be able to stand up to a pack of wild dogs. They’re just not built for b.attle.

The cheetahs weighed the situation and changed targets mid chase. That is an incredible display of intellect.

Female ostrich: Running at a leisurely pace, sees male streaking past her Why are you running so fast, Suddenly a.mbus.hed by three h.un.gry cheetahs.

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