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Animals | February 21, 2022 2:38 AM | hangbony

B.attle of Jaws | Lions vs Crocodiles

The lions are h.ung.ry and they’ve selected a strange prey in the form of a crocodile. But crocs have big teeth too.

remember that crocodiles, strong and ferocious as they might look, hardly resort to a fight. it’s either that they attack only for meal or they retreat immediately from any big t.hreat. only when cornered, theyd swivel around in defensive stance. They always choose to e.sca.pe from any p.oten.tial fight if possible.

Amazing that lions would r.i.s.k s.erio.us i.njury or d.eath by m.essing with large crocodiles! Generally predators don’t r.i.s.k themselves by taking on d.anger.ous prey!

Animals never attack something stronger than them alone or in strange habitat. Lions and crocs only attack each other when they have benefits.

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