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Animals | February 21, 2022 2:00 PM | hangbony

Two lioness sisters test out their hunting skills as they attack an Oryx together

It seems that Oryxes are the only herbivores that are really aware of the dangerousness of their horns. They use them everytime they are atta.cked or to defend their calves. Male Impalas or male Kudus could easily injure cheetahs or leopards with their horns, but I’ve never seen them doing it.

2:36 great defensive position by oryx, knows well that by crouching , it makes it difficult for the lion to get hold of the neck in case of frontal atta.ck, and also the horns then can be used to defend itself in case of atta.ck from back by the other lion.

My love for lions grows each time I see a video like this. The beautiful sub adult lioness does a roll to try and t.ri.ck the cow into thinking she’s not a t.hreat Lol. She was trying to be clever, and it was actually somewhat smart. She knows she is smarter than it. But darlin he ain’t that d.umb lol. She has to include her sisters in that s.trategy. Lol

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