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Animals | February 21, 2022 3:16 PM | hangbony

Mudskippers, The Fish That Walk on Land

Imagine being a male mudskipper and fighting with another then all of a sudden you’re just like “Oh d.amn, hold up man. Need to get some mud on me can’t dry out that’d be embarrassing” then you both take like a minute to roll around before literally tr.ying to k.i.l.l each other again.

The animal is still in the revolutionary process of being able to live on land in my opinion, and that shows how fish got to land.

At first I was just laughing at how s.il.ly they look, but by the end I was just fascinated. Nature is so cool.

I just watched the two males f.ig.ht and I just had a thought: “What if one of them caught the other’s tail and sucked him in like spaghetti“

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