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Animals | February 21, 2022 2:51 PM | hangbony

Young Lions Mercilessly Attack Donkey Herd

Two young lions enter the f.iring line when they b.rutally k.i.l.l s.everal donkeys from a local village herd. Ranger Flip is left with the delicate task of maintaining positive relations between the lions and the i.nhabitants.

I don’t think anybody could happy by watching this video. We love those animals who are v.ictims.We adopted them millions years ago. They have given us free services more than another domestic animals.

The Lions were confused by the fact that the prey is not running away from them. So they are having hard time to choose which one to attack.

Its important to have these videos that bring more attention towards the blurring ecology between humans and wild animals and the methods to which conservationists try to educate and compromise with the people, especially given the rate of habitat loss across the globe.

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