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Animals | February 22, 2022 3:39 AM | hangbony

A Curious Mouse ѕпіffѕ A Blue Viper, Which Devours It With A Flash Of Its Teeth

Incredible images show the moment a mouse was gobbled up whole after coming face-to-face with a blue viper.

The curious rodent is seen approaching and sniffing the 27-inch snake, seemingly unaware of the danger ahead.

The venomous predator suddenly opened its mouth wide, exposing a flash of its fangs to the rodent before swallowing it whole.

The incredible shots were captured by photographer Dzul Dzulfikri from Bekasi, Indonesia, who spotted the rare moment in his friend’s back garden. The blue pit viper—a pet of Dzul’s friend—is fed mice once a week as a treat.

In the picture captured by Indonesian photographer Dzul Dzulfikri, the 27-inch blue viper can be seen touching noses with the tiny mouse as the two start sniffing each other out before the snake suddenly opens its mouth and gobbles up the mouse whole.

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