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Animals | February 22, 2022 12:43 PM | hangbony

15 Merciless Animal Battles Ever Filmed

Growing up in Colorado, we frequently saw shrikes or their handiwork of impaling lizards, snakes, smaller birds, and even featherless baby birds on cacti, rose thorns, and barbed wire fences. I didn’t know their name was Shrike until I was in high school, as my Dad always referred to them as “Butcher Birds.” I do have to agree that this video was put together badly. Narration didn’t match scenes. Fights were cut off (probably to keep from showing actual kills).

That made many of them not make sense. If they are actual “merciless” fights, show them! Also, the narrator needs to be more informed as to which animal is which! There’s a difference between leopards and cheetahs! And lastly, the narrator should know how to pronounce the names of animals. That made it kind of silly. This was shown more like a Disney movie than a merciless animal fight. Grizzly Adams could appear at any time! YEESK!

Certain animals just don’t get along, and when they meet, things can go sideways very quickly. Have you ever seen a hippo and a lion on a date? What about a rat and a crow? If you want to see some wild c.onfrontations, stay tuned as we count down the 15 most m.erci.less animal b.attles ever filmed.

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