15 Unbelievable Animals That Saved Other Animals

When I was a child, we had a great big goldfish in an aquarium. One day, my family had just arrived home, and our two dogs were going crazy trying to get my dad’s attention. Finally, my Dad said, “They are trying to tell me something,” so he followed them back into a long walk-in pantry we used for storage.

My dad saw a ball of dust and dog hair squirming around on the floor! It was our goldfish that had jumped out of his tank and flopped all the way across the room and back ,back ,into the very back of the closet! We rinsed old Charlie off and put him back into the tank, and he lived for years and years! True story!
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In the wild, all animals are at risk. Some more than others, but if they don’t watch their back, their lives may very well be cut short. Sometimes they get lucky and another animal of another species that they’ve never seen before may lend a helping hand. Sometimes, the reason why is unknown. Regardless, they should just count themselves lucky.