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Birds | March 1, 2022 7:37 AM | hangbony

Rooster Chicken Vs Tiny Grey Francolin

This content is mixed between fact and fiction. Our team strives to provide original content where we work on all elements from voiceovers, sound effects, original scripts, combining several videos where most of them we have the right to use them legally.

It is difficult to guarantee all copyright protection, we always try to communicate with the owners rights to cooperate copyright even if there are still e.rrors. Sometimes we create fictional stories, where we combine a few clips to create an educational story for the purpose of excitement. We hope you like it.

No one was h.u.r.t in the making of this video. They were just having a good time. This movie is provided solely for your educational and entertainment purposes; please do not subject animals or birds to unnecessary s.uffering; all of our videos are meticulously filmed. We have a crew that looks after these birds, we run an animal sanctuary, and we have a lot of different animals, so it’s not uncommon for these birds and animals to have a good time. We never subject any bird or animal to any a.ctivity t.hat c.ould d.a.m.a.g.e t.hem.

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