Seeing so many poisonous snakes at once, you will also be blown away.

Fantastic. I’ve been waiting a long time to see you rescue another king cobra. Your camera man does a brilliant job incase I haven’t mentioned this before. I’m relieved it was rescued and not

The spectators where d.ang.erously close I understand their curiosity but I would not want to be invenomated by such a large king cobra or any other size of its kind. Seeing the majestic animal once more just reinforces my love for this animal and the hope to own one in the future.

I’ll continue to absorb the knowledge presented in watching the way you primarily and others handle these m.ira.cles of nature until I have the confidence and knowledge ,and privilege to be a handler like you. Excellent work my friend stay safe.

You take too many r.isks my friend.Just release the Snake. Why grab their tails and a.ntag.onise them. One day you will get s.nagged.Please be c.areful.

You are a very b.rave person and great snake r.escuer. But s.cared to see you are taking too much r.isk while releasing them. Be careful bro.