Crazy!!!!! Kestrel attacks barn owls pair inside nest and is lucky she escapes with her life!

Actually if you look at 0:06 you will see the Kestrel just poked its head in to look and the owl jumped up and grabbed it and yanked it inside. The Kestrel was genuinely surprised, and it was also fortunate enough to get away with its life. Moral of the story….dont get near an Owl nest…ever.

I was more surprised how the owl sitting on the eggs was rubbing itself over the kestrel, like it was giving it a silent ultimatum before things escalated again.

GREAT JOB MOM AND DAD! Wow that was! It looks like Dad the kestrel and after that she is lucky to be alive!
It’s amazing how you see the way the barn owl holds and grab their prey with their incredibly long legs and talons and that gives them the room they need to keep the prey at distant but just enough to still attack and hold.