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Animals | March 21, 2022 8:59 AM | hangbony

Fishing Guide Catches 10-Foot Long Sturgeon in British Columbia River

On March 6, a fishing guide captured and tagged a 10-foot-long sturgeon on the Fraser River in Chilliwack, British Columbia, before releasing it back into the river.

Yves Bisson, owner of Yves Bisson Sturgeon Co., told Storyful that he knew the sighting was exceptional when he saw the enormous sturgeon burst out of the water.

“On my fishing charters, I’ve landed over 22,000 sturgeon, and this was one I’ll never forget,” he said.

According to Bisson, the fish was close to 100 years old and weighed around 600 pounds.

“We were all astonished because this fish had no tag and had most likely never been captured before,” he explained.

Bisson told Storyful that he scans and tags sturgeon on a regular basis as part of a conservation initiative to gather data on the fish.

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