Venomous snakes caught in a deadly tangle in Australia

Backyards all around the country have produced some unusual animal sightings, ranging from poolside bears and prowling bobcats to the occasional lost seal and a dog-s.quee.zing python or two. The most recent eyebrow-raiser comes from a predictable and dependable source: an Australian backyard.

Liz Williams was surprised to discover a d.ea.dly tiger snake engaged in a w.restling with an even deadlier eastern brown snake when she looked out the window of her home in Nanneella early this year. Williams began filming the duel immediately, which culminated with the larger eastern brown snake plunging its f.angs into its opponent’s skull before s.wall.owing it whole.

Some people didn’t realize that the snakes really can consume(or eat) other snakes and I told them that they do anyway. Not my thing, but very interesting anyway.