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News | March 24, 2022 2:23 AM | hangbony

Cobras fused together in d.ea.dly double headlock

It’s advisable not to approach a Mozambique spitting cobra too closely. These snakes are responsible for the majority of serious b.ites to people in Southern Africa. They are known for their ability to spray strong t.oxins into the eyes of would-be attackers with astounding accuracy. Fortunately for Dave Du Toit, the founder of the Vervet Monkey Foundation and the man behind the camera in the video below, the snake was too preoccupied with trying to e.a.t a fellow cobra to notice the swarm of onlookers.

Du Toit just captured this incredible snake tussle in South Africa’s Limpopo Province. “It appeared to be a struggle to the d.eath,” he stated to Storytrender, “but both snakes were of equal proportion thus got stuck in a d.eath grip.”

The slate-grey snakes were filmed rolling down a gravel road in a sinuous stalemate, jaws latched on to jaw. Concerned that a speeding driver may win the struggle, Du Toit intervened and separated the writhing serpents before transferring them away from the road (a step we strongly advise leaving to the pros, given how h.azar.dous an enraged cobra can be).

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