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Elephant | March 24, 2022 2:42 AM | hangbony

Elephants Protect Babies From Wild Dogs

Watch the incredible way these elephants protect their babies from wild dogs! It’s almost like a scene straight out of the movies where a bunch of bad guys think they’ve got their defenseless prey cornered when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the cavalry shows up to the rescue and triumphant Philip Glass music begins to play

Everything about elephants is just impressive. The strategy of their defence, the conjoined thought process of all adult elephants in this scenario, the pure size of them, the i.nti.mid.ation they give and even just their pure looks
It’s amazing how the whole herd comes to the defense of one. Humans could learn a lot from the animal kingdom. By the way, great video.

Well done. Some lovely footage. The ranger behaved extremely well, giving the herd distance. I was horrified by the behavior of dozens of tourist vehicles in Masai Mara, which directly interfered with wildebeest migration and lion attacks on wildebeest. The South African Kruger Park is the best in Africa.

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