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Elephant | March 24, 2022 2:59 AM | hangbony

Mother elephant c.har.ges and ki.cks at wild dogs after trying to am.bush her calves

A wildlife photographer filmed the heart-pounding moment when a brave elephant faced down a pack of 13 wild dogs to protect her herd.

Mithun Hunugund, from Bengaluru, southern India, was on safari in Nagarhole National Park when he witnessed two baby elephants being a.mbus.hed by a group of Asiatic wild dogs.

He captured footage of a female elephant c.har.ging t.owards the dogs, swinging her trunk, pouncing on the ground, and kicking the predators away.

‘As we sat in the car with the covers unwrapped, we heard the hordes of Bonnet macaques all around us going haywire,’ Mr. Hunugund, 29, added.

We drove a bit further to see what was causing them c.onc.ern when we noticed a herd of ten females and two calves gathered on the road and something approaching them from afar.

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