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Fighter | March 27, 2022 1:39 PM | hangbony

Watch What Happens When a Crocodile Walks Into a Herd of Hippos

When a crocodile walks into a herd of hippos, it’s a sight to behold. The crocodile is usually on the move while the hippos remain in their group. The interaction between the two species is fascinating to watch but can be quite dangerous. The crocodile is usually the one in charge and will usually have the upper hand in the situation. The crocodile will approach the hippos cautiously, as if sizing them up. The hippos will form a protective circle around the younger members of the group and may charge the crocodile if it gets too close.

The crocodile may also circle the herd, trying to catch a vulnerable hippo off guard. If a hippo is caught, the crocodile will try to grab it and take it underwater. Hippos can be very aggressive and have been known to charge the crocodile, sometimes with deadly consequences. In some cases, the hippos may decide to back off and let the crocodile pass. But if the crocodile persists, the hippos may fight back and the crocodile may find itself in a dangerous situation.

A crocodile walking into a herd of hippos is a unique and incredible sight to witness. It’s a reminder of the power of nature and how two species can interact in such a dynamic way. It’s also a reminder of how we can never really predict the outcome of such a situation.

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