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Animals | March 27, 2022 1:39 PM | hangbony

Watch What Happens When a Crocodile Walks Into a Herd of Hippos.

I will never again say “I can’t imagine a scenario where I could feel s.orry for a crocodile.”

It’s actually really impressive that this crocodile was able to tank all those Hippos attack, which are among the strongest and heaviest land animals in the world.

I’m sure that croc is traumatized to this day. He don’t wanna see a hippo ever again…in water or land. His whole life flashed before his eyes.

If you ever wonder way baby hippos are always nudging around 20 foot crocs, messing with their tails while there mom is 30 feet away asleep and the crocs never mess with them, this is why.

To be honest id never thought i would feel bad for a Croc due to their temperament but i did with this one .. fair play to the guy he did well!

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