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Animals | March 27, 2022 1:59 PM | hangbony

Lion Pride Comes to Aid of Lioness Being Attacked by Hyenas.

In this dramatic movie that was recently published online, a lion pride comes to the assistance of a lioness who is being attacked by a band of hyenas.

On the savannah, lions and hyenas have long been enemies, and when one lion is s.epar.ated from the pride, the hyenas have a chance to k.i.ll a lion.

Another video of a lion pride going to the help of a lion who had been s.epar.ated from the pride can be found here.

In situations like this, lions have the advantage in terms of size and power, while hyenas have the advantage in terms of intelligence. In collaborative problem solving challenges, spotted hyenas outperform chimps, according to research. They also communicate with one other in a variety of ways. Their whooping call alerts other hyenas to their presence or need. ‘Hey, we need troops a.gai.nst these lions,’ for example.

Fights between lions and hyenas can last for days. A two-week encounter in the Ethiopian desert in 1999 resulted in the d.ea.ths of 35 hyenas and six lions. Every night, the animals attacked each other in a v.icio.us f.ury, then retreated to their b.urrows during the day to avoid the scorching sun. It was like trench fighting in the First World W.ar, but with f.angs and claws.

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