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Animals | March 28, 2022 9:31 AM | hangbony

White German Shepherd Adopts Pygmy Baby Goat And Cuddles Her Like Her Own Puppy

When Shadow, the white German Shepherd, sees a “small critter,” her heart skips a beat! Shadow was completely enthralled by the sight of a small baby Pygmy goat that her family had adopted. She immediately took the fragile, defenseless youngster under her wing and announced that she had adopted him!

Shadow looks after her goat daughter as if she were one of her own puppies in this video. Shadow is snoozing on the carpet, with the baby snuggled up against her warm tummy. As she tends to her darling baby, the devoted doggie is wild with joy and can scarcely keep back her giggles!

Shadow, overcome by her maternal impulses, licks and cleans her “daughter” on a regular basis and wags her bushy tail like a proud mother! The baby goat, on the other hand, is caressed and safeguarded by her obedient doggy mama, and will not leave her “safe haven.” This video is a joyous explosion!

As a small breed goat, this adorable little newborn will almost certainly always be Shadow’s pint-sized child! We can tell by her bright eyes and nonstop grins that this loving pup has accepted motherhood with a peaceful feeling of fulfillment. Shadow, best of luck with your furry baby!

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