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Animals | March 28, 2022 9:45 AM | hangbony

Orphaned Polar Bear Cub Loves Hugging Arctic Workers Who Saved Her Life

This is the story of an orphaned polar bear who was rescued from the brink of extinction in the Arctic by gold miners.

After her mother d.ied on an isolated Russian island, the cub was left to fend for herself, which prompted her to approach the gold mine and beg to be fed.

Despite the fact that feeding polar bears is against the law, the miners determined that saving her life was more important.

As a result, they all looked after her for several months; regrettably, this meant she got tamed like a dog.

The polar bear cub lost her ability to hunt for herself because she no longer relied on the miners for her sustenance.

The cub can be seen crawling up a ladder before jumping to adoringly hug among the miners in the video below.

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