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Love & Cute | March 28, 2022 10:45 AM | hangbony

Lion Falls In Love With White Tiger, They Escape Zoo Together

Meet Cameron, a lion, and Zabu, a white tigress, who are head over heels in love.

Life hasn’t always been kind to the two of them; they were bred in a New England zoo only for the purpose of producing ligers.

Cameron was 200 pounds underweight at the time, while Zabu had genetic defects due to breeding. They were both recovered a few years later, thankfully.

“We built a large natural cage for Zabu and Cameron to share when they were rescued because they are truly attached as a couple.”

They were taken to a new shelter and remained together after being rescued.

Cameron, on the other hand, became very possessive of Zabu after a while, posing a threat to his guardians.

“We only had two options: keep him separated from Zabu for the rest of his life or neuter him.”

So they decided to neuter him, which meant he lost his magnificent mane, but it was a tiny price to pay to be reunited with his true love.

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