Endangered Siberian Tigers Become Friends With German Shepherds

Animals frequently form friendships and get along well with others of their species. When it comes to friendship between animals of different species, however, it is quite rare. Tigers and dogs are natural buddies, as we all know, but what if they build a connection, writes wecareaboutanimal.

This is the story of how three German Shepherds, Blacky, Hugo, and Jenny, and two endangered Siberian Tigers, Suria and Sunny, forged a remarkable connection. The location is Oasis, a wildlife sanctuary in Slovakia. The Siberian Tigers are protected and bred in this sanctuary.

Yveta Irsova started this sanctuary in 1999, and 23 tigers have been born there since then. There are currently 28 tigers living there. Suria, a Siberian tiger, has been at the Sanctuary since she was born. The German Shepherds were born at the same time and have known each other since they were puppies.

As a result, Suria and her cub, Sunny, began a new connection with three dogs. They spend time together playing games like play-fighting and chasing each other around. They, on the other hand, never damage one other.

They act like brothers and sisters and never hurt each other. One of the sanctuary’s volunteers, Lucia Zustakova, said it was good to meet everyone and that seeing those gorgeous animals was incredible. Suria spent the day playing with the dogs, who adore her.

Oasis is a fantastic project that will aid tigers that are on the verge of extinction. This is a unique bond, and these kinds of animals never cease to astonish us. They defy prejudices by demonstrating that friendship may be developed in a variety of ways.