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Animals | March 29, 2022 1:24 AM | hangbony

An extraordinary bond between a lioness and a human leaves everyone speechless

The lioness was only a few days old when she was fortunately rescued by a kind-hearted guy with whom she stayed life-long friends, and they now spend their time happily cuddling with each other after ten years. Once again, it demonstrates that all animals have the ability to express profound appreciation to humans, particularly those who have saved their lives by giving refuge.

The owner of this massive lioness just released a video in which the lioness greets her owner in the morning and her reaction to him is incredible and unbelievable.


Sirga doesn‘t understand the concept of social distancing. Luckily, she doesn‘t have to. #tiktokwildlifeday

♬ Oh No I Hope I Don’t Fall… – IndieHay


The lioness, according to the owner, enjoys giving long hugs and even rubs her head like a cat, which is incredible. Furthermore, the lioness has showed no aggressive or antagonistic behavior toward the man despite the fact that he is her savior.

Her mother abandoned her shortly after she was born, and she had no one to protect her until the man who discovered the miserable animal and decided to take care of her on purpose. Initially, he took the newborn lioness to a wildlife conservation organization, where they developed a strong and trusting bond.


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