Pelican vs. Pigeon – St. James Park

Imagine being literally vored and people around are laughing.

Imagine being in the jaws of fighting for your life and hundreds of people laughing.

Everyone’s laughing until the 10 foot pelican that’s been in the bushes this whole time tries the same thing with the child.

Imagine living your life at the bottom of the food chain, dodging every predator you’ve come across in your life, only to be s.wal.lowed alive by a pelican.

Man, that is strange and a bit disturbing. The other pelicans seem to almost be embarrassed like “Well there goes Edward again…eating a pigeon and doing his wiggle dance”

I respect the circle of life, and in nature docs I usually root for the predator. But man I was hoping the pelican would just choke to on the pigeon.