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Dog | May 25, 2022 2:00 AM | hangbony

>>> Watch This Woman Convince Guy To Give Her His Chained-Up Dog And Puppies

When the man said “don’t be scared of her” means that he cares about his dogs. By the looks of his property in itself he might not be getting enough money to give to his poor animals. Another tell he was a man with a good heart is that his dogs didn’t look scared or try to bite at him when he handled them. Animals don’t lie about their feelings! I hope they do well in their life just like these dogs.

this woman is a hero and the dude is chill too, he knew he couldnt give what that woman could give to the dogs so he gave the dogs away. He had no obligation but he understood the well being of the dogs was important. I love to see that there is still progress made in this world that we live in ! Cheers !

She’s so right… She was kind to the dog owner, and as a result, he surrendered the dogs. Wish more people understood in this d.ivi.ded world that you cannot persuade anyone with judgment and anger.

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