>> Starving Pittie Transforms Into The Bounciest Puppy

This little pit bull, Tig, was found on the side of road. He couldn’t move or walk on his own, and doctors weren’t sure he’d make it through the night. But with Tig’s will to survive and help from his foster mom, watch him grow up to be the bounciest little pup!

I can’t even imagine that anyone would want to hurt an innocent animal…they give so much trust and love to you. Seeing him fill out with weight over weeks brought a big smile to my face.

What is s.a.d is that he didn’t get like this overnight. How people can see this poor animal st.ar.ving and walk by is si.ck.ening. Thank you for rescuing this poor pup.

Actually c.ried watching this – never ceases to amaze me how dogs can still trust people after going such h.id.eous tr.au.ma. It’s the eternal hope for better things that just gets me.