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Cat | May 26, 2022 3:43 PM | hangbony

>> MEET ‘Venus’ The Two-Faced Cat Still a Mystery cat in the World

Venus is stunning. It’s incredible that many still believe she’s been photo-shopped. I’m still not persuaded she’s a real person. I’ll have to pay her a visit in purson.

hehe No, I’m not joking. I never had any doubts about her. She’s a lovely kitty, in my opinion. I’m completely enamored with her! I would love to meet her and pet her. That would be wonderful. She is a truly amazing kitty cat.

Awww….I had a feeling Venus wasn’t photo-shopped from the beginning. She is a one-of-a-kind individual. I enjoy staring at her. The most incredible cat I’ve ever seen… I work at a cat shelter in Switzerland and plan to show my friends recordings of Venus….incredibly it’s fascinating and a true genetic abnormality… there are two daddies… I’ll check with one of our many veterinarians.

I’m still not convinced that she is real. I’m going to have to see her in ppuurrrson. hehe No I’m kidding. I never once doubted her. I think she is a gorgeous cat. I just adore her! I really wish I could meet her and pet her. That would be nice. She is a really wonderful kitty cat!

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