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Dog | June 6, 2022 1:36 AM | hangbony

>> Sickly Street Puppy Neared Woman, Pleaded To Be Rescued Then Was Gone

When a woman in Bali came upon a stray puppy named Delilah, she was hor.ri.fied by her state. She was in such bad shape. Her skin was covered in wo.u.nds and her fur had come out due to severe mange. Surprisingly, the dog continued to approach the woman with joy. Her tail was even wagging wildly.

Fortunately, the woman, Charlotte, was a seasoned rescuer. She had no doubt that this sick street dog had once been adored by humans. Either that, or she was in dire need of affection. Charlotte had no idea what had happened to Delilah, but she knew she needed another opportunity. Charlotte needed to rush home to obtain supplies because she didn’t have any with her. Delilah, however, was vanished by the time she returned.

The effort to find Delilah began now that Charlotte had all of the rescue gear she required. She looked for her for several days but couldn’t find her. Then she met a man from the neighborhood who worked at the market. The man claimed to know where Delilah had spent the night.

They devised a strategy. Charlotte gave the dog a specific cage to catch Delilah because he was used to the local man. Delilah was securely inside the next day! Inside that cage, the bright, cheerful puppy seemed very unhappy. She had no idea what was happening. Thankfully, she was un.har.med!

Delilah was now safely towed by her new human buddies. It was time to place her in their care and have her evaluated medically. Delilah calmed down after she arrived at the veterinarian’s office. The local man expressed his thanks for Delilah’s safety and continues to convey messages of thankfulness. Delilah began to wag her tail once more! Especially when she took her first bite of food.

The vet prescribed a course of medication for the joyful puppy’s mange. Her fur grew back after a few weeks, and she was no longer in discomfort. To say the least, it was miraculous! Delilah received medical clearance to return to her foster family. That’s when she met Amelia, her foster mother.

Delilah was a welcome addition to Amelia’s home. She was able to acclimatize fast. Because she didn’t have time to be a puppy while on the street, Amelia’s puppy nature began to shine, as she describes in the video below. She enjoyed playing with Amelia and would follow her everywhere she went (even the bathroom!).

Delilah became completely enamored with the beach after only a few visits. It was something she couldn’t get enough of. Amelia began taking her there on a daily basis, and she quickly made many friends. Amelia claims she’d be a terrible guard dog because she adores every human (and dog) she encounters.

The story is only getting better. We’re not going to give anything away about the conclusion. Delilah is now safe and loved, and we are grateful for that. Thank you so much to The Dodo for sharing this unique tale with us! Scroll down to watch the entire rescue and happy conclusion.

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