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Cat | June 10, 2022 2:27 PM | hangbony

8 Hungry Kittens Discovered Cuddling Each Other For Warmth

These eight orphaned kittens were discovered in a yard in South Africa, huddling together for warmth after going without food for more than 24 hours.

They were only three days old and couldn’t survive on their own without assistance.

They were rescued and cared for by the Kitten Cottage staff in Malmesbury, Western Cape.

The kittens required bottle-feeding by the crew, which attempted but failed to locate their mother.

Under their care, the kittens grew up healthy and eventually opened their eyes for the first time!

Naturally, when they grew older, they began to request their milk!

What a darling you are! We’re certain she’s no longer hungry!

All of the kittens can now walk and eat on their own without assistance.
For the time being, the kittens are residing at their foster home, where they are surrounded by love and warmth!
They’re all looking for their forever homes now!

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