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Animals | July 8, 2022 8:08 AM | hangbony

Photographer narrowly escapes crocodile attack

Crocodile facts are interesting to read because of their known ferocious nature. Crocodiles are among the most feared and well-known species on the planet. They are one of the globe’s most dangerous species in their natural habitats due to their big, powerful muscles, firm teeth, immense speed and stamina, and one of the strongest stealth.

Crocodiles are strongly connected to other crocodilians such as alligators, gharials, and caimans, and have evolved next to nothing in the last 200 million years. Crocodilians, unlike most reptiles, are archosaurs, an extinct reptile group that also contained dinosaurs.

They are believed to have lived very long over time because they are so well adapted to their land and water habitats, like freshwater and the sea, despite the reality that dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago.

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